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October 2nd, 2011 (05:48 pm)


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June 7th, 2010 (05:18 pm)
current song: two broken hearts don't beat any less, oh!

A list of things I love and recommend so that one day I will come back across this and be reminded:

Never Mind the Buzzcocks / Simon Amstell / Popworld / Miquita Oliver
There is nothing wrong with any of this. They are brilliant, the shows are topnotch, and it is a travesty that you only seem to discover British shows once they have peaked. Spaced? Skins? And now Buzzcocks and Popworld. Fail, Ewing.

Police, adjective
Someday this will be on all the lists of best films ever made and you can say you saw it back before almost anyone else did.

Your vanity table
It is a handmedown from a friend of my mother's, and last week my uncle came to visit and we sanded it and painted it black and then added a layer of gloss, so that it looks like art deco black lacquer, and it's beautiful, and no matters where I live, for the rest of my life, this will come with me, no matter what I have to pay in shipping.

Your cat
She is often cruel and vindictive, but in the past few days she has begun to let me pick her up and pet her, and followed me around, and I am reminded I do love cats.

Red lipstick

A given.

Arguing with your brother about colors
"There is no such thing," he insists, "as a warm blue. That's just green. There are no warm whites." But, I explain, there are orange-reds and blue-reds. One warm, one cold. "No," he repeats. "No."

Your hair piled up high on your head after a shower

Water dripping down your neck in tiny rivulets, soaking your shirt, your face flushed from being scrubbed, and a cool breeze--what more is there to summer perfection?

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oh god i want you now! oh boy! i love you! i love you, all right?

January 28th, 2010 (10:30 pm)
current song: charlotte hatherley, little sahara

I got an e-mail from a company offering to advertise with / sponsor my tumblr this morning.
And then a tumblr celebrity made reference to me.
It was a weird day.

BUT--SALINGER DIED! HIGH FIVE GUYS!  This means secret vaults of Glass family stories will be brought to my eyes in the next five years! (I am very insistent that these secret vaults and Glass family stories exist.)

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August 30th, 2009 (02:14 am)

Partly to annoy Meredith, and partly because I love Skins so much, I decided to make five of my six icons Cassie. Then I remembered how little it actually matters as I am never on here anymore other than to lurk, or read without commenting, but never posting. And then just because it is so awesome, I have the icon of Eric Matthews when he is unemployed and not in college and pretending he is "Eric Matthews, Good Looking Detective" because someone was very smart and saw an English major in that depressing, hilarious state, and that person is genius.

Meredith, also, you never gave me words, and that was totally going to be my ticket back to posting again because then I would have had a reason to post, but whatever.

Things are boring. I am bored and boring. It is a boring way to be.

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January 30th, 2009 (10:34 pm)

I am 20.
I was going to write a long entry tomorrow. I had planned it.
But I found out tonight--Governor's Schools are being cut? Rendell is cutting all the PGSE? I am shocked.
And well, Dana and Michael, you are the only two people I seem to talk to on here anymore, so I thought I might as well write here. Also: I definitely plan on visiting you both soon. When I have money. So maybe a week? When is good for you?

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December 22nd, 2008 (05:27 am)

I'm trying to eke out a few more entries on LJ until my birthday or so, because then I will have used this username for five years, and sarcasticallyso for maybe another two or three, and I'll have been here for seven-ish. That is the truth. I am that sort of person.

I read a lot of about this scam publishing company today
Publish America
and it reminded me of Blurb, which is similar in concept
but not scammy--it doesn't pretend to be a real book company.
It's Print on Demand, you make what you want.
I was thinking of turning this into a few books, because I will
not be on livejournal in a few years,
few days, really. Maybe one day, will want to show my... kids? Um,
I mean, uh, my friends' kids? Uh... I mean something,
I think. Starting putting together a "blog" book,
got bored, thought

I have gone well over the page limit.

So I decided to do something else, which
will be more creative for me,
not just importing my entries--taking my time,
going through my journal, through a few others,
and copying all these entries about gov school
together, finding photos, so I will at least have a copy of those bits.
This is my project for
now, and maybe I will do others. Maybe I
will compile all the dreams,
all the stories where we got lost on backroads or
hit the movies too. Not sure yet. But it's fun to contemplate
while I put together this book, or attempt to. Maybe I will
send a copy to Meg. I think she'd like it.

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December 12th, 2008 (11:09 pm)

We don't talk about livejournal anymore, not really. Kathy and I, we used to have these drawn-out conversations on the drama in the lives of all these people we knew in real life, based on the incriminating subject matter of their posts, used to facebook message each other when someone posted something new, occasionally posted new material of our own. But that never happens anymore: we're tumblettes now.

Tumblr, to fill in, is short-form blogging with no content; somehow this does not prevent thousands of twenty-somethings from posting memes about Rahm Emanuel and sharks and Xhibit, photos of themselves on something lovingly accronymed as GPOYW (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday), screen captures of the weather on their iPhones and complaining. And as terrible as this all sounds, tumblr has become my home. If anything, I am (as usual) too into this blogging service. I "follow" 54 other tumblers, have 38 following me, and to make up for my ten-or-so posts a day, I receive constant updates--by the time the day ends, I've usually read somewhere over 200 posts. Tumblr consists, in most cases, of little to no emotional attachment, plenty of links, and often scandals involving other tumblrs, like last week's taramichellegate, which was something so complicated I do not bother to explain it unless someone really wants to know.

We stopped talking about livejournal because we stopped writing on livejournal. I stopped writing here because I needed to lose the emotional attachment; I wrote so positively of my future on the 4th of July that, looking back, I am astounded by my own idiocy. Things have changed so fully since that moment I wouldn't know where to begin, and it isn't that I don't want to write about these moments, isn't that don't want to share--I can't. I don't even know how to anymore. So I don't come here regularly, and when I do I'm off reading Michael's and Dana's without commenting. And because I receive so little attention on tumblr, even less attention than I already received here, I feel anonymous, even though my handle is my name. I do my best to not write about being depressed and unhappy, and it tends to work. People on tumblr aren't depressed and don't have problems, with one notable exception.

Sometimes, Kathy and I do talk about who would be successful on tumblr and who wouldn't be. Natalie, she would have a great tumblr, we nod in agreement. Allison? That could go either way. Tumblr's not about the personal, unless you're Magic Molly, who I have heard described as a female Salinger character come to life in the new millenium (which is scarily accurate); even then, she is not so personal as much as literary in a way no other tumbler can match. And then we stop, and talk about scandals. Another person on tumblr, who once posted as Homophile but then changed to StopWhispering, sometimes posts about the latest tumblr drama, and points out that tumblr is the new livejournal, and livejournal was high school, so this is the new high school. This is true.

But then there are tumblr successes, tumblers who trust their followers so much there is a level of loving intimacy, who defy everything I could define this medium as. These tumblrs can post about their inner torment without second thought; as a result I can count these tumblers on one hand. There is one Chicogoan by way of NoVam, Tyler Coates, who has lost his father and his job in the past year, and now posts about the loneliness associated with his "funemployment" and family. I'm not sure, on a basic level, how Tyler Coates (originally "Too Much Awesome") survives on tumblr: he is embarrassingly personal at times, has no shame in his depression and humiliation, and talks almost exclusively about his life. His writing is everything tumblr isn't: it is emotional and addictive, he is indie without being hipstery, he is cute without self-absorbed, he is gay without being a caricature. Tumblr doesn't allow the emotional but that's all Tyler Coates is, deep regret and missing college and getting drunk because he really doesn't have anything else to do. But people love him, and love the emotion, and then I realize everyone on tumblr has/had a livejournal at some point. And so sometimes, when we talk about who would make it on tumblr from LiveJournal, we realize anyone could.

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March 25th, 2008 (01:33 pm)

It isn't fair it isn't fair it just isn't fair.
And now I'm so worried about my father it isn't even funny.
It isn't fair.

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Archibald MacLeish won three Pultizers, the Bollingen, the National Book Award, a Tony, an Oscar...

October 31st, 2006 (12:27 am)

Sarah: The candles in the church are out.
The lights have gone out in the sky.
Blow on the coal of the heart.
And we'll see by and by. . . .
we'll see where we are.
We'll know. We'll know.
J.B.: We can never know.
He answered me like the stillness of a star
That silences us asking.
No, Sarah, no:
We are and that is all our answer.

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January 24th, 2005 (06:03 pm)

Friends only (usually). Comment to be added.

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